Patient Navigation

COVID-19: Though we have limited some of our in-person services, Patient Navigators continue to offer patient support via phone and MyChart messaging. If you think you might benefit from Patient Navigation, ask your provider for a referral. If you have questions about Patient Navigation, please call (805) 879-0660.

The Ridley-Tree Cancer Center proudly provides Patient Navigation services to assist patients on the journey to live with, through and beyond cancer. Our Patient Navigators educate patients and families, provide support at times of transition in care, and act as liaisons between individual patients and the various healthcare providers required for proper diagnosis, treatment and disease management.

Navigators assist cancer patients and their families by:

  • Interpreting information about a cancer diagnosis
  • Ensuring that imaging, medical and follow-up appointments are timely
  • Identifying local resources and making referrals
  • Collaborating closely with the patient’s physicians in different specialties to coordinate care
  • Supporting oncologists to create and facilitate Survivorship Care Plan patient visits

The ultimate aim of our Patient Navigation program is to give each patient the time, support and information needed to make an individual plan that is personalized, effective, timely and supported by available resources.

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